How do I detach and reattach the rower belt?

Detaching the Rower Belt

  1. Pull the handle beyond the range of a normal rowing stroke, until the belt detaches from the belt bungee pulley.
  2. Unhook the bungee shock cord from the bungee hook mount under rear cross member, as shown.
  3. Pull the bungee through until it is free, allowing the Bungee Shock Cord to be threaded completely out of the main frame.

Reattaching the Rower Belt

  1. Thread the rower belt around the Rower Belt pulley, Velcro side facing upwards.
  2. Continue threading the belt around the Idle Wheel and attach the Rower Belt to the belt/bungee pulley. There is an obvious ‘lip’ at the attachment point.
  3. Wind the Rower Belt onto belt/bungee pulley until handle is in the furthest forward position
  4. Re-thread the bungee shock cord (on the opposite side of the Idle Wheel), through the bungee pulleys and tie off at the attachment point.
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    Julian Lovegrove


    How can I pull the pulley belt / cord free. It has become stuck. Will no longer pull ? There is lots of information on line, of how to fix the pulley belt but it all starts by pulling the belt all the way out. Mine has completely seized getting tighter and tighter. I'm unable to release it ! Can anybody advise?



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