How do I replace the Bungee Shock Cord?

1. Remove the Perspex cover from the rear of Mainframe.

WARNING: Make sure you disconnect the sensor lead before removing the cover completely.



2. Position rowing handle to a resting point on top of the tank, this helps line up the bungee hole for easier removal/ replacement. Detach the bungee cord and unwrap from all bungee pulleys.



3. Lift Magnetic Ring to loosen the Rear Mainshaft Bolt.

NOTE: Mainshaft and Impeller Assembly must not turn with the rear Mainshaft Bolt.


4. Open yellow tank plug, insert wrench to catch the impeller blades. Loosen Rear Mainshaft Bolt using 6mm Allen Key.

NOTE: It is recommended wrench be wrapped in a lint free cloth, protecting electroplating finish on impeller blades.

CAUTION: Do not allow dissimilar metal direct contact to impeller blades, rusting can occur.

WARNING: Do not insert fingers into the water tank, impeller blades are sharp!



5. Remove Magnetic Ring and C-Clip to access Bungee Cord.


6. Remove Belt/Bungee Pulley from shaft and pull Bungee Cord through. Feed the new Bungee Cord through until knotted end is securely in place.

CAUTION: Do not loosen the belt.



7. Detach Bungee Cord from rear attachment point.

8. To re-wrap Bungee Cord, start at lower left pulley wrap the bungee cord in a clockwise direction, keeping a tight tension throughout threading.


a. Lower left to upper left font


b. Upper left front to lower middle left and middle right


c. Middle right to upper right


d. Upper right to lower rear right and left


e. Lower rear left to upper left rear


9. Pull Bungee Cord to desired tension, feed through upper hole and tie off.


10. Reattach C-clip, magnetic ring and rear mineshaft bolt, tighten securely.

11. Reattach the sensor lead and replace the perspex rear cover.



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