I noticed the tank was leaking on my floor?

With the resistance level set at 20, check tank is filled to correct level, as shown by the fill level indicator on the tank body. Check that the upper filling cap is tightened (this can be done with a large coin or a flathead screwdriver to seal up and prevent leaking). Tightening the cap by hand only may not seal the cap, and lead to leaking. The cap fits in the hole if you have the o-ring snug against the tank, it will then not leak. To test, fill up the tank, seal the cap, and row for five minutes. If there is any water pooling, you will need to tighten, and/or adjust the o-ring to sit correctly in the final groove of your tank cap. Note: the lower tank plug is permanently sealed.

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    The Tank Vessel is cracked at the bottom retaining screw the crack has migrated up the entire hole of the retaining screw hole and disintegrated about 1 inch of the surrounding Tank material that in the past covered the Gasket between the rear plate and the gasket. The crack has now lengthened another 3 inches along the Tank vessel wall another 3 inches. Tightening the Upper filling cap is not the solution to end the leak. Neither is sealing the Upper Filling cap with a Lead plug , or Silicone, Or Titanium going to stop the leak at the bottom where the 4 inch crack is located or where the hole for the retaining screw at the bottom going to stop the leak from the cracked Tank Vessel.


    I believe the only FIX for this Tanks current deficiency is to replace the entire Tank with a replacement. How do I contact you to speak with a service rep about getting a new Tank?

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