What is the tank filling and initial water treatment procedure?

Step 1.

Set the Adjuster Knob/resistance selector to “4” to allow for accurate filling capacity.

Step 2.

Remove rubber fill plug from the top of the tank.

Step 3. 

Place a large bucket of water next to the rower. Position the Siphon with rigid hose in the bucket, and flexible hose in the tank.

NOTE: Make sure small breather valve on siphon is closed before filling.

Step 4.

Squeeze siphon to begin filling.

NOTE: Do not overfill tank.

Step 5.

When full, open the valve on the top of the siphon to allow excess water to escape.

Step 6.

Once filling is completed, add 1 x Water Treatment Tablet per full tank, then replace the tank plug.


WARNING: Do not under any circumstances us a water treatment tablet other than those supplied with your unit.

CAUTION: It is strongly recommended that a drop cloth be used under the fluid tank whenever the tank plug is opened for water treatment.

NOTE: Your unit purchase includes 4 x Water Treatment Tablets which is sufficient for several years of use.


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