How do I remove/change my tank water?

Step 1.

Set Adjuster Knob to “1”.


Step 2.

Row at least ten strokes to fill the storage reservoir as much as possible.

Step 3.

Remove Tank Plug.

Step 4.

Insert the rigid end of siphon into the tank, and flexible hose into a large bucket.


Step 5.

Drain tank (approx. 40% of water will remain) and then refill following directions for tank filling.  

Step 6.

Set the Adjuster Knob/resistance selector to “4” to allow for accurate filling capacity.

Step 7.

Remove rubber fill plug from the top of the tank.

Step 8.

Place a large bucket of water next to the rower. Position the Siphon with rigid hose in the bucket, and flexible hose in the tank.

NOTE: Make sure small breather valve on siphon is closed before filling.

Step 9.

Squeeze siphon to begin filling.

NOTE: Do not overfill tank.

Step 10.

When full, open the valve on the top of the siphon to allow excess water to escape.

WARNING: Do not under any circumstances use a water treatment tablet other than those supplied with your unit.


  • Your unit purchase includes 4 x Water Treatment Tablets which is sufficient for several years of use.
  • The valve on top of the siphon must be closed to allow proper drainage.
  • Water treatment will preclude the need to change tank water if the treatment schedule is maintained. Additional Water Treatment Tablet is required only when discolouration appears in the water.
  • Exposure to full sunlight reduces the life of the Water Treatment Tablets. Storing the rower away from direct sunlight will extend the time between water treatments.
  • Approximately 40% of the water will remain. It is not possible to completely drain the A/R tank without disassembly.


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