How do I re-attach the Rower Belt?


Step 1.

To re-attach the Rower Belt, start by threading the Belt around the Rower Belt Pulley with the Velcro side facing upward, as illustrated.


Step 2.

Thread the Belt around the Idle Wheel as shown. Once around the Idle Wheel, attach the Rower Belt to the Belt/Bungee Pulley. There is an obvious “lip” at the attachment point.


Step 3.

Wind the Rower Belt on to the Belt/Bungee Pulley until the Rower Handle is at its furthest forward position.


Step 4.

Rethread the Bungee Shock Cord (on the opposite side of the Idle Wheel) back through the Bungee Pulleys and tie off at the Attachment Point.


Step 5.

Recoil tension will decrease over time as the Bungee Shock Cord stretches. To increase recoil tension, simply push the inner clip out of the Bungee Hook from behind, pull the required amount of bungee through the inner clip and replace the inner clip into the Bungee Hook as illustrated.



TIP: Before re-attaching the Inner Clip/Bungee Hook, tie a slip knot under slight tension at the lower bungee pulley. This will keep the bungee under tension while re-assembling the Bungee Hook.­­­


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